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Larry Blissett


Santa Fe painter Larry Blissett has turned his lifelong love of drawing and painting into a second career. As with so many artists who find success after the age of 50, Larry earned a living in other occupations. Working his way up from laborer to concrete contractor to general contractor, Blissett always gave as much attention to aesthetics as he did to durability, structural integrity and fitness for purpose. By 2010, Larry and his wife Mary, had raised three children and had enjoyed enough success in their day jobs that Larry was able to begin painting on more of a full time basis.


Many years of visiting Santa Fe's galleries, going to openings and counting many Santa Fe artists, gallerists, and collectors among his friends and clients provided the kind of guidance a self taught artist needs. As Claude Monet succinctly put it, "The job of the artist is to take the counsel great artists have left in their works , but to do something different." Whether Blissett was aware of this wise advice or not, he has lived it in his artistic development. Influenced by the paintings of John Nieto, Ed Mell, Henry Asencio, Darren Vigil Gray, Louisa McElwain, John Axton, Tony Abeyta, Miguel Martinez and many others including musicians, Rolling Stones, Delbert McClinton, Lou Ann Barton, ZZ Top, Willie De Ville, and Doug Sahm. The style Blissett has developed is completely his own, even as it reveals insights from the musical and painterly heroes in his personal pantheon. Blissett's work ranges from highly abstracted to fully non-objective compositions. He gives great attention to design in form and color, enriching his canvases with textural and chromatic points of appeal.


As one Canyon Road art consultant put it, "I have seen Larry Blissett's work go from nice, good, interesting to knock-your-socks-off brilliant in less then three years". Blissett has no fear of color, is no stranger to humor and wit and is well on his way to a rewarding second career in one of his life's first passions.