Sunset Art Gallery of Amarillo






Guido Frick


My passion is painting outdoors. I am not a studio painter. Inside you might have a warm stove, but no mood, no atmosphere, no vibrant colors, no excitement, no challenge at all. Why sit in a closed-in studio, when you are surrounded by so many spectacular landscapes in all parts of the United States? Wasted Time. This is the real adventure, experience and challenge: To explore the Great American West with your brushes, easel and paint.


From Montana's Glacier National Park down to the Rio Grande in Texas; from Utah's Canyons to the swamps of Arkansas; from the California Coast to the banks of the Missouri River. Set up your easel at the Grand Canyon and on the foothills of the Grand Tetons; in the Black Hills of South Dakota and the Great Plains of Nebraska. There you are in the real studio...a place where an Impressionist painter should work...if you want to be a real follower of Impressionism. Monet, Renoir, Pissaro and all the other masters have left their studios to add new horizons and new chapters to the History of Art. So why should we stay in our studios? No, No, my friend, swing yourself into motion and get out into the fantastic American landscapes, fight the elements, catch the mood and take home a piece of art which is charming, fresh and juicy and will end up on someone's wall as a colorful reminder of Mother Nature's beauty.


This is my philosophy, one, which I have lived with since the 1970's when I first began my studies with Professor Karel Hodr in Germany. After years of studying with this great master from Prague, I then continued my studies by taking workshops from the famous painter Sergei Bongart.


It is his input and lessons which I continue to carry with me, and incorporate into my work, and will always highly appreciate as a special treasure in my painting career. He literally opened my eyes and taught me how to see the world with the eyes of a painter. To see the world in colors, temperatures and values and not be preoccupied with names, terms and labels. His motto became a personal goal for me...Paint bold, vigorous and brilliant!