Sunset Art Gallery of Amarillo

Ben Kelley


Having grown up in a family of artists, Ben began drawing and painting as a child. In high school, Ben was introduced to sculpture by a teacher who recognized his talents so much so he was given his own studio to work in. After high school, Ben attended the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design. This was where he discovered his love for figure drawing and painting. After completion of these courses, Ben began traditional college studies in English and Economics at the University of Colorado-Boulder. While at C.U., he continued his art and art studies. Although he received his degree in English, his true intentions and motivations were to follow art as a profession. It was at this time Ben began his intensive study of art with his father, Ramon Kelley.


Ben had enough reverence for his father and the art world at large to first develop his own style, approach and eye for art before studying with his father. His foresight and introspection has paid off. Like his father, Ben is a allaprima painter, and the mediums and materials Ben uses are as varied as his subject matter. Ben believes it's far more intriguing to paint striking images as opposed to pretty images. Oil, pastel, watercolor and sculpture are the mediums Ben is most recognized for.